Exfluor has set forth the following standards for maintaining an appropriate work environment that is sustainable for years to come. It is our goal to never purposefully do anything to inflict damage on the ground, air or atmosphere. 

Environmental Stewardship

We are continuously looking for environmentally friendly technologies that enable a more sustainable and lasting future.

Ground Water Protection Strategies

Exfluor has implemented a policy of Zero Water Discharge, fully effective 2023. What does this mean? It is an engineering approach to water treatment where all water is recovered and reused, or it is evaporated leaving behind a solid waste that is disposed of in an approved landfill. No process water is discharged to a municipal wastewater treatment facility or is discharged into the environment except our normal sewer water. (toilets, bathroom/kitchen sink, etc...)

Protecting our Air Quality

Best Available Control Technology (BACT) is used to ensure our air stays clean, the ozone layer is protected, and ground level pollution is minimized.

Waste Minimization

We employ state-of-the-art recycling, proper disposal of e-waste and other waste management practices.


Clean burning hydrogen is used as our fuel source which results in zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Exfluor will always strive to be as clean and sustainable as possible so that future generations to come will be able to enjoy this earth in the way it was meant to be, healthy and thriving.