Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Exfluor Research Corporation offer?
  • Exfluor performs research, manufacturing, and analysis in-house at our Round Rock location for all products we sell. We also perform custom synthesis and fluorinations upon request as well as contract analysis of fluoro-chemicals.
Does Exfluor sell directly to the public or through distributors?
  • Both
Where is Exfluor's facility located?
  • Our sales and manufacturing facility is located at 2350 Double Creek Dr, Round Rock, Tx. We are about 25 minutes north of Austin/Bergstrom International Airport.
What if I need a fluorochemical that is not listed on your website?
  • We have many products not listed on our website in stock and can manufacture many more upon request. 
Can you fluorinate my sample?
  • Yes. Exfluor can custom fluorinate samples of all sizes. Please contact us to inquire about pricing.
What quantities are available?
  • Exfluor supplies quantities for research needs (grams) and large scale manufacturing (multi-ton).
Are any of your products "FDA Approved"?
  • No. Exfluor does not offer any "FDA approved" chemicals, but Exfluor offers some products suitable for cosmetic use. Exfluor has a unique relationship with a sister company FluoroMed L.P. that does offer cGMP compliant chemicals, suitable for use in pharmaceuticals. The synergies between Exfluor and FluoroMed can streamline a customer's introduction of a new pharmaceutical to the marketplace with an easy transition of R&D work performed by Exfluor to full scale cGMP manufacturing by FluoroMed.
Can we visit your facility?
  • Yes! Current and prospective customers are always welcome to visit our facility. Contact us to make arrangements. 
How are your chemicals packed?
  • Our chemicals are generally packaged in glass or plastic bottles, bags or cylinders. We are happy to accommodate customer requests for any special packaging needs.
Do you accept credit card?
  • Yes! Exfluor Research accepts all major credit cards.
Can I order a chemical that is not in stock?
  • Yes! Please email us to get an accurate lead time. 
Is shipping cost included in the prices shown?
  • No, this will be added at checkout.